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Art Teacher,
After School Program Leader

Job Description

Employment Status:
Report to:
Minimum Requirements:
Art Teacher, After School Program Leader
Part time
Program Managers
Bachelor of Arts Degree
Teaching experience required
Commensurate with industry standard


Program Summary:
Art After School meets one day per week for two and one half hours at Elementary Schools in the Kingston and Rhinebeck School Districts. Teachers lead small classes through active play time, snack time, free drawing and cultural arts lesson. The lesson plans include discussion of specific cultures and how the assigned art project relates to an event or purpose within that culture. The art projects vary in medium and application of basic art skills. Lesson plans include: drawing from observation, sketching ideas in “process books”, use of pencils, colored pencils, crayons, oil pastels, markers, paint, various textile materials, and various supports.

Job Summary:
Teachers must be able to manage a classroom of mixed age students safely and productively. Lesson plans and art materials are provided to the teacher by the company.
Teachers are responsible for maintaining their supplies as well as managing and preparing materials prior to class. All materials must be brought into and out of the school on class days. Teacher must be on location at their designated elementary school a minimum of 15 minutes prior to dismissal, must sign in at the school office, and be prepared to greet students in the designated class space at dismissal. Class time is dismissal to 5:30 p.m.
Outline for order of class: outside active playtime (or gym on bad weather days), snack time,
presentation of the lesson materials, sketching of individual student ideas, execution of art projects. Breaks as needed. Supervised free drawing time where appropriate for particular lesson.
Art After School meets after school dismissal; there is no support available from school administrators, nurses, teachers, or other school staff members. Each class will have at least one high school student intern working as an assistant.
Teachers will report directly to program managers. Job performance will be reviewed by management and staffing committees of the Board of Directors. Teachers must obtain certification in First Aid, CPR & AED; this training will be paid for by the company. All applicants must provide a background check certification or consent to a background check. Hiring is contingent upon completion of first aid certification and background check.

Essential Job Functions:

  • Must be able to provide responsible, safe classroom management and playground supervision for the health and well‐being of the students
  • Ability to execute provided Lesson Plans
  • Management of high school intern
  • Professional oral and written communication skills.
  • Physical ability to transport art materials.

Main Job Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Maintain and manage inventory of provided art supplies
  • Prepare lesson materials in advance of class
  • Manage student behavior in the classroom by establishing and enforcing rules and procedures
  • Take attendance and notate any classroom or student issues
  • Clearly communicate classroom activities and events to supervisors
  • Utilize and assist student intern – give clear direction and support
  • Create a fun & creative environment for students
  • Identify and select different instructional resources and methods to meet the needs of the students’ varying needs and ability levels
  • Encourage and monitor the progress of individual students
  • Conscientiously and safely dismiss each child to their designated pick‐up parent or guardian
  • Prepare classroom for art class activities and restore class space to its original condition after class

Education and Experience:

  • Bachelor degree or higher from an accredited institution
  • Relevant teaching experience
  • Background in arts or art education
  • Knowledge of relevant art materials and applications