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Student Volunteer for
Art After School

Description of Volunteer Program: Assistant Instructor for Art After School
With Flying Colors, Inc. (With Flying Colors) offers a volunteer program for high school students interested in the field of early childhood (elementary) education and/or art education. This is an unpaid position. Assistant Instructor Volunteer provides opportunities to learn skills in instructing, project management, and classroom management. Periodic training sessions and evaluations will be provided. Schedule of classtimes and outline of curriculum will be provided at the initial training. Volunteers presence at all trainings and class sessions will be logged. Evaluations will be completed at the conclusion of each art block. Evaluation review with the company director will encourage student volunteers to share their experience, self evaluate, set personal goals and give feedback on their experience of the program. Student olunteers will be supervised by a trained instructor at all times.

Volunteer program goals for student participants and With Flying Colors:
Our goal is to provide motivated high school students a safe and supportive environment to explore their own (future) professional interests as educators. It is also simply a great way to have fun making art with young kids. Experience is a great teacher! Participation in the volunteer program is a fantastic way to learn skills, practice responsibility in the workplace and give back to the community. Volunteer programs provide individuals the opportunity to gain real world experience and help determine if personal expectations align with reality; this is extremely valuable information to have! With Flying Colors, Inc. is organized as a 501(c)(3) non profit corporation. One of our challenges is to provide great quality, valuable programming to the members of our community at an accessible price. Utilizing high school students who have the desire to volunteer in community service is one way to keep costs low and program quality high.

About Art After School:
Art After School is an afterschool art program designed for elementary school children. The program meets once per week for 3 hours; it is offered to students in grades 1 through 4. Art After School features a unique cultural arts based curriculum inspired by the artworks of indigenous peoples and various cultures from around the world. Each class session includes active play time (usually outside), snack time, and art instruction. We encourage creative self expression by exposing students to a variety of art modalities including visual arts, stories, music and more.

Volunteer Duties and Responsibilities:
The Volunteer’s primary responsibility is to assist the lead instructor in whatever way he/she deems necessary. Safety is important! Your judgment on keeping play and all activities safe AND fun is imperative.

Your attendance is required.
You are an important part of the Art After School team. When you sign up for a 6 week art block you are expected to be present and punctual at all classes. Schedule conflicts need to be addressed as early as possible. Sick days happen. We ask that you assist in finding a replacement from the list of volunteer participants.

Code of Conduct:
With Flying Colors requires that you comport yourself in an appropriate manner at all times when in the company of our students. Language and conversational content must be appropriate for children aged 6 – 10. Instructors will handle all disciplinary issues with students.

Dress Code:
With Flying Colors has no desire to interfere with your personal sense of style and clothing taste. We do require that clothing be appropriate for your role as assistant and not interfere with your ability to comfortably execute the tasks assigned to you. Art After School goes outside to play on all but the most inclement days; this includes walking on wooded paths, traipsing through the snow, playing in the grass.
Artwork is messy and tends to get on your clothing. We frequently work with the kids and their projects on the floor. We will provide you with a company t-shirt. You are encouraged, but not required to wear it to class.
Dress accordingly. Particularly footwear!

Training and Evaluation:
With Flying Colors will provide periodic training and evaluation sessions for all student volunteers. Training and evaluation are valuable tools used to assist the student volunteer and are designed to be enriching, positive experiences.
The purpose of training classes is to provide the volunteer with a clear understanding of company expectations. Training will address typical classroom situations and provide the volunteer with our preferred methods of supporting student learning behaviors as well as the Instructor’s’ needs. Evaluations are provided as a tool for the volunteer to track their own progress, learn personal assessment techniques, and frame their experience in a cohesive manner.

Duties will include, but are not limited to:

  • Monitoring and engaging in playground or outside play.
  • Setting up art materials as directed by instructor
  • Assist with snack time
  • Assisting children with art projects
  • Room clean-up
  • Assisting children with Parent Pick-Up.

Our Commitment to You:
With Flying Colors values your contribution to our Art After School program. We are committed to providing you with an enriching experience in early childhood art education. We strive to provide you with the tools necessary to learn and grow through this endeavour and we will support you in future pursuits with references and recommendations. Your experience matters to us. We hope you will take full advantage of this opportunity to be an involved participant in With Flying Colors.

Please contact Jennifer Vinskey at jvinskey[at]with-flying-colors.com or call (845) 399-9918 for further information and to enroll as a student volunteer.