With Flying Colors was created to nurture the natural creativity of children through process oriented art experiences.

  • Art can be understood as spontaneous creative play and it is what young children naturally do—singing, dancing, drawing, and pretending.
  • Process oriented art values the process itself over the product. It is not about following directions to produce something; it is about learning through engagement, experiment and exploration. It allows for spontaneity and surprises. It allows children to develop their own unique styles and to value their own ideas.
  • In today’s over scheduled, high tech world our children spend much of their time in front of a screen. They are missing the chance to explore their senses. We think it’s more important than ever for children to have the opportunity to express themselves freely and playfully.
  • The arts engage all the senses and offer kinesthetic, auditory, and visual experiences as well. Art allows children to use fine and gross motor skills while having fun.
  • Compelling evidence exists that early arts experience has an impact on all aspects of a child’s learning and development. When children have early experience with art activities, they are getting the foundation for successful learning. They are experiencing problem solving and decision making. They are learning about spatial relationships and visual thinking. Socially and emotionally, they are having fun with others and gaining self-confidence.

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