Art After School – Program Information & Policy

Art After School ~ proudly offered by With Flying Colors, Inc.

Art After School is an after school art program for elementary school children.
The objective of this program is to introduce children to a variety of creative, expressive, art forms and modalities as exemplified in the works of ancient and indigenous peoples as well as those of various current cultures.. For the purposes of this program, we define art in its broadest sense: as the process of observation and the practice of creative self expression. Drawing, writing, painting, sculpting, music, textiles, cooking, and more are all elements of artistic expression that we investigate in Art After School. Our goal is to demonstrate to young children that art and creativity are accessible and satisfying to everyone regardless of talent, skill, or training.

Our curriculum is based on the artworks of ancient and indigenous peoples and their present day descendants.
Art and design have played a significant role in human culture since the very beginning of civilization. The history of many ancient civilizations is revealed to us through the study of their functional and decorative artwork; including architecture, and recorded stories (often in the form of hieroglyphs). Our curriculum offers children an opportunity to study examples of ancient artworks as we create our own, child accessible, versions. Through this creative exercise, we gain insight into the lives of others; sparking lasting interest and a richer understanding of people.

Creating a fun, thought producing, open environment where children can learn through exploration is our priority.
We strive to create a studio environment: a relaxed, comfortable space where students feel free to express themselves; to discuss their work, to laugh, sing, be silly, and have fun while working on their artistic creations. We present curriculum in a conversational manner; using stories, myths and legends to stimulate the imagination. Our art projects are designed to give children the freedom to interpret and design their own unique versions of the selected artwork in a non judgmental, supportive and social space.

Art After School Policy

Art After School is an after school art enrichment program offered by With Flying Colors, Inc. a non profit art education corporation.

Calendar & Schedule
Art After School follows the School District Calendar. This program meets once per week from dismissal to 5:30 p.m. Student pick-up is at 5:30 p.m. If you require a later pick-up time, please contact us directly. If you cannot pick up your child by 5:30 p.m. you are
responsible to find an alternative person for pick-up and complete an additional pick-up release form. There is no on-site supervision after 5:30 p.m. There is no Art After School if there is no school or on early dismissal days.

Schedule Outline

  • School dismissal – 3:40 Introduction to cultural element/lecture and conversation.
    Active play; outside when weather permits.
  • 3:45 – 3:55 Snack Time.
  • 3:55 – 5:20 Art Activities
  • 5:30 – Parent Pick Up.

Active Play
Art After School will utilize the playground and campus to allow for active play and run around time. We will try to go outside every day – except for inclement weather.

Snack Time
Please send a snack from home for your child. It is a long day and students are usually very hungry after active play time. Drinking water is available at the school.

Art Activities
Art activities vary depending on lessons and projects but generally include painting, drawing, use of clay, fabric and other building materials. Our goal is to promote exploration and collaboration. Art After School tuition includes art material fees. Please keep in mind that artwork is messy; make clothing choices appropriately on scheduled art days.

Behavior Code
No Bullying or Aggressive Play will be tolerated. Parents will be notified immediately in writing if there are any behavioral issues presented by their child. With Flying Colors personnel will work with you and your child to reach the best problem resolution for all
involved, however if any student exhibits continued disruptive, disrespectful or aggressive behaviors they will be required to leave the program.

Disruptive Behavior
For the safety and success of all students participating in Art After School programming, disruptive behaviors cannot be tolerated. Should your child exhibit continued disruptive behaviors he/she will be asked to leave and you will be refunded a portion of your tuition.

There will not be a School Nurse on duty during Art After School hours. Our Instructors are Red Cross Certified in Adult & Pediatric First Aid, CPR and AED use. All children must have completed Medical History and Release for Treatment forms on file with With Flying Colors, Inc.. These forms will remain on file with the company for one calendar school year as long as the child is enrolled in Art After School.

Art After School is organized in 6 week curriculum blocks. Registration for each block is billed separately. Tuition includes all art materials. Full tuition must be received prior to registration confirmation.

All questions and concerns should be directed to:
Jennifer Vinskey, Director of With Flying Colors, Inc.
Phone: (845) 399-9918
Email: via Contact Form

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